School Bus Tracker App for Parents

With Chipmunk, you are able to quickly and efficiently access the bus information you are looking for when you need it the most. Chipmunk allows you to:

  • See the location and travel direction of the school bus on a live map as it makes it’s way to the specific pickup or drop-off spot – for any of your children.
  • Know the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the school bus. This is especially helpful for those parents who have multiple children on different buses going to school. For each child, the ETA is provided in both number of minutes and actual expected arrival time.
  • Receive instant messaging from your transportation provider regarding any delays or cancellations that is pertinent to your child's bus route or school to help keep you informed.

Frequently Asked Questions


image Chipmunk tracks your school bus and tells you where the bus is, when it will arrive at your child’s stop, and provides alerts for cancellations and closures that may affect you. Gone are the days where kids must wait in the pouring rain or freezing cold for their bus. You will know where the bus is and when it will arrive - to keep you informed.

image Most school buses are equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System) trackers that locates the position of the bus. Chipmunk mobilizes this information in a simple but meaningful way – with both a map and ETA information – so that you can be prepared for the arrival of the bus.

image In order to use Chipmunk, your school district or school transportation authority must offer the service. They will provide you with a quick-code to enable you to create an account and subscribe to the service. If your school district does not offer the Chipmunk service, send them a link to this site to gather further information.

Download the app here:

Yes. You may use a single account to track all of your children – as long as they are within the same school district.

image Chipmunk will send notifications separately for each child, so the same account can be used for your whole family. Everyone’s device can be logged in at once under the same username and password.

image Yes. Chipmunk provides a private and secure authentication process that allows only you to access your child’s busing information and alert notifications sent by your transportation provider.

image Chipmunk is free for parents to download and use. The tracking service is offered and paid for by the school district or transportation authority.

image Yes. As soon as the transportation department makes the change in their system, Chipmunk will automatically update to the new bus assignment.

image Chipmunk is available for Android and iOS Phones and Tablets with an internet connection.

image You can contact your local school district or transportation authority directly for questions or account issues. They will be pleased to assist you with your Chipmunk account upon request.